Through the World's Eyes, to unveil one's Identity


Artist Statement
Different style photographer, what I feel connects with what I have seen, what I have lived.... To live abroad, learning new languages, traditions, discovering other beliefs, religions, lifestyle....Witnessing other's life; Being a watcher, but also feeling.

From my personal experiences, I explore feelings and matters, existence basic issues : body, identity, human nature, time passing, death. I show what I see, or play with different process. My pictures are a blend of portrait, nude, documentary or landscape.

My projects are more and more brought to life through hand-made unique art books or different plastic art technique ; I upcycle, make, create, mixing matter to my visual work.



Magdéleine -JustMagd- is a french photographer, who choose to study photography in Montréal. She then decides to travel the world. She exhibits "Tokyo dans mon Keitai" in Tokyo in 2009 (under the patronage of the French Ambassy) and shows her photos during festivals and exhibitions (Chambre07, La Fontaine Obscure, Polaroid festival, etc...).

Books interest her more and more, she learns graphic design and lay out. She attendes workshops "Traveling Photos" with Jacques Sierpinski (2014),  "Family album" with Alain Laboile (2017), "Produce a photographic series" with Claudine Doury (2018), "The photographic project" with Richard Petit (2019) and "Browsing through and editing your photographs" with Nicolas Havette (2019).


6 ~ 8 SEPTEMBRE 2019
Polaroid Festival 2019, Group exhibition "Wall Of Fame", ATELIER GUELL, Barcelona
1st ~ 14 Jully 2019
Group exhibition "Sans Altre Mue" La Fontaine Obscure at La Grande Vitrine, Arles, France
17th of  May ~ 08th of June 2019
Group exhibition "Mush!" (Chambre07) Gallery Le Lac Gelé, Nîmes, France
11th ~ 19th of  May 2019
Group exhibition "Sans Altre Mue", Festival Photos dans Lerpt, St Genest Lerpt, France
February ~ May 2019
Solo exhibition "Mush!", Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon, France
Septembre 2018
Group exhibition, Café Georges, "La Fontaine Obscure", Arles, France
Septembre 7th ~ 16th
Group exhibition,  Festival Chambre07, Labégude, Ardèche, France
5th of Octobre ~ 1ft of Novembre 2018
Group exhibition, Memories, Space Millepiani, Rome
28th of August ~ 5th of Septembre 2018
Group exhibition, Chania International Photo Festival

29 of June ~1st of Jully 2018
Polaroid Festival 2018, Group exhibition "Wall Of Fame", Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France

November 2017
Group exhibition, People & Winter, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens - Greece

September 2017
Group exhibition, Travel, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens - Greece

June 2017
Group exhibition, my books "Kennecott" and "Rest In Pieces", festival "La photo se Livre",
Galerie Fontaine Obscure Aix-en-Provence, France

23rd ~ 27th of May 2017
Group exhibition, 3rd International Arvest Expo, Yerevan, Armenia

28th of April ~ 11th of May 2017
Group exhibition, Moments of Color, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens - Greece

January 2017
Group exhibition, my book "Kennecott" photo show RDVI, Strasbourg, france

10th ~ 14th of November 2016
Group exhibition, PhotoPassion booth, Salon de la Photo, Paris, France

1st ~ 31st of October 2016
Solo exhibition "Inside Kennecott", Numériphot, Toulouse, France

5th ~ 8th of November 2015
Group exhibition, PhotoPassion booth, Salon de la Photo, Paris, France

April 2014
Group exhibition, ArtLab, Glitz Entertainment, Vancouver, Canada

April 2009
Solo exhibition "Tokyo dans mon Keitai", -Under the patronage of the French Ambassy-
Lovers Rock Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Octobre 2017
Honorable mention, Boundaries, L.A. Photo Curator

Octobre 2017
Honorable mention, IPA -Int'l Photography Awards-

Jully 2017
Honorable mention, Q2 Art Competition, Artist Portfolio Magazine, for "Glacier Art, Hands"

October 2016
Honorable mention, IPA -Int'l Photography Awards-

June 2016
Honorable mention, MIFA -Moscow International Foto Awards-

December 2015
First prize "Landscape along the Dordogne River From Bort-les-Orgues to Argentat", smartphone category, France

August 2015
Honorable mention, Best of Photography Contest ~ Concours, sponsored by SIGMA Photographer's forum, Serbin communications

December 2009
First prize and public choice, "L'automne à Lafrancaise", France

Online features
Online gallery, limited signed prints for sale

Novembre 2019
1 image selected by YourDailyPhotography[UNIQID]

February ~ May 2019
Group exhibition, online, The Photographer in the Frame, Don't Take Pictures

November 2018
Interview on Stram

June 2018
Online portfolio, workshop in May 2018, Produce a photographic serie with Claudine Doury.

February 2018 ~ May 2018
Group exhibition, online, Winter Time, Don't Take Pictures,

January 2018
Special Merit Category, exposition "All Women" 2018, Light Space Time Online Art Gallery,

December 2017
Online feature "Comfort Zone", Portfolio des lecteurs, The Eye of Photography

December 2017
Online feature, L.A. Photo Curator -International Photography Awards -
VERNACULAR-Curator Paul Kopeikin

November 2017 ~ February 2018
Group exhibition, Birds of a Feather, Don't Take Pictures,

September 2017
Online feature, L.A. Photo Curator -International Photography Awards -

Jully 2017
Special Merit Category, exhibition "Season", Light Space Time Online Art Gallery,

June 2017
Interview JustMagd, Exhibitions Without Walls,

June 2017
Special recognition artist, exhibition "Animals", Light Space Time Online Art Gallery,

May 2017
Online portfolio – Q2 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine,

May 2017
Online group exhibition "Honte à la haine", Corridor Elephant

September 2019
Catalogue Polaroid Festival 2019, Wall of Fame (Barcelone, Espagne)

July 2018
Catalogue Polaroid Festival 2018, Wall of Fame (Paris, France)

June 2018
One photo chosen on the open call #metoo, published on a poster in the magazine Nº4 of FemmesPHOTOgraphes.

January 2018
Veggie Color (1 & 2) in the 12by12 Member’s book (Responses to monthly photo challenges set b y twelve renowned photographers)

November 2017
Exhibition catalogue, People & Winter, Blank Wall Gallery (Athens - Greece).

September 2017
Exhibition catalogue, Travel, Blank Wall Gallery (Athens - Greece).

May 2017
Exhibition catalogue, Moments of Color, Blank Wall Gallery (Athens - Greece).

January 2017
Exhibition catalogue, for the book "Iniside Kennecott", Rendez-Vous Image (Strasbourg).

December 2013
Le Petit Journal, La Dépêche du midi, section "Sports 82", photo of A.Daillières, bronze medal, World Veteran Championship of Judo, Abu Dhabi.

June/July 2012
Contributor photographer "10 Magazine" & "Chip’s Maps", Seoul, South Korea.

June 2011
Diez Minutos, section "Estos dias se habla de…" for the Ibiza IFF (International Film Festival).

What I have lived built who I am;

What I have experienced

makes my inner feelings.

It is all Linked.

Through the World's Eyes, to unveil one's Identity